Our Mission 

        We are passionate about encouraging children to read, which as most people know, is not always an easy thing to do? Every child is different and motivating children can sometimes be hard. At Reading Equates to Success, we use donations provided to us by the public to provide books to young teens and children. In our opinion, each and every book holds the opportunity for a child to tag along on an adventure through the pages of a novel. To dream, explore different ideas, and learn from the carefully crafted works of well-established authors. We at Reading Equates to Success have been lucky enough to touch the lives of children at the many schools.

We believe that a strong foundation of reading early on, will empower children to look at learning in a new creative way. We believe, the more you read, the more you learn, the more to know. 
If you have ever looked at child and seen the excitement in their eyes when they tell you about a story they've just read, you will know the joy, the  excitement, and the literary power that reading holds.